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Mission Produce

Mission Produce was founded in 1983 and has since grown to become a global entity in the avocado industry. An experienced and knowledgeable field staff, highly efficient packing facilities, a national distribution network, a progressive marketing force and a global grower base all contribute to Mission’s success and future development. After a two week internship our 1st intern and program Co-Founder, Lawrence Parkhill, is working for Mission Produce. Ventura County farms and agribusinesses have a new pool of candidates to fill a growing list of job openings — veterans. Download the Article Website:


  • Windy Hill Alpaca Farm
  • McGrath Family Farms
  • Underwood family Farms
  • Vanoni family Farms
  • Del  Pueblo Farm
  • Apricot Lane Farm
  • Limoneira
  • Diamond W Cattle Company
  • Pepper Creek Family Farm
  • Semper Fi Fund and Jinx McCain Horsemanship Program
  • Sisters Quarter Horse Ranch In Colorado
  • Earth Galley Farms in Byran, TX
  • Cal Lutheran University Seed Garden