Internship Opportunity

Veteran Farmers of America or “VFA” is an organization that connects veterans to agriculture in many ways. One way we introduce veterans to farming is by providing paid internships at a variety of the nation’s leaders in agriculture. Future programs are to include a veteran-operated farm and a scholarship program. VFA offers a paid two-week, 80-hour internship at a variety of local farms and agriculture facilities in Ventura County, California. The veterans will gain a hands-on educational experience while exploring farming and agriculture as a potential vocation. The placements can be in the areas of:

Veterans Farmers of America Programs

Row Crop Production Warehouse and Plant Operations
Biodynamic Farming Transportation
Sustainable Agriculture Bookkeeping
Small- or Large-Scale Operations Office Management
Organic Farming Human Resources
Conventional Farming Livestock
Hydroponics Animal Husbandry

This experience has the potential to lead directly into employment, and we will do our best to help support veterans pursue their desired career pathway. Our goal is to provide a learning opportunity that will allow veterans to explore agriculture as a potential higher education specialty and or career choice. Please contact VFA Program Coordinator Julie Sardonia to begin the application process and schedule an interview.

Veteran Farmers

Farm Veteran Coalition –

The mission of the Farmer Veteran Coalition is to mobilize veterans to feed America. We cultivate a new generation of farmers and food leaders, and develop viable employment and meaningful careers through the collaboration of the farming and military communities. We believe that veterans possess the unique skills and character needed to strengthen rural communities and create sustainable food systems for all. We believe that food production offers purpose, opportunity, as well as physical and psychological benefits. Website: